Wise Counsel to Those Who Aspire to Work with Children

~ David Canning Epperson, Ph.D. President, Promise of Good Sports

So You Think You Can Coach Kids?
Sharkie Zartman helps you answer that question with a confident—but humble—yes!
Learn the tricks of the trade and the significance of coaching kids.

Are you considering coaching your kid’s sports team? Are you already knee-deep in coaching young athletes? Wherever you find yourself, let’s start at the beginning: when it comes to coaching kids, it’s never just about the game.

Kids bring their whole selves to every activity. They carry whatever is happening in their lives to the playing field. As a coach, whatever you teach them about the game affects their daily lives as well. This makes coaching kids a weightier matter than you might initially expect. But, when approached

thoughtfully, coaching kids can be one of the most rewarding and fun experiences you’ll ever enjoy.

Learn how to understand and communicate with kids, develop a sports philosophy, train and discipline young athletes, deal with parents and officials, and manage your stress.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this book will enlighten and inspire you to get in the game.

Sharkie Zartman sets youth coaches up for success

U.S. National Volleyball champion, All American, and former WPVA player shares lessons learned while leading youth teams to victory in “So You Think You Can Coach Kids?”

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. – As a highly ranked amateur then professional volleyball player, as well as a title-winning college coach, Sharkie Zartman believed she was fully prepared to take on youth sports. She now understands how different the dynamics are when working with impressionable young athletes. Zartman brings her more than 10 years of experience as a youth sports coach to the new handbook, “So You Think You Can Coach Kids?” (ISBN 1495206076).

The author’s easy-to-follow advice helps beginning and experienced coaches alike, with the former learning the basics of coaching youth sports and the latter gaining new insight and support. Zartman covers all aspects of this important role, including developing a coaching philosophy, training young athletes, communicating with kids, preventing injuries and dealing with officials and parents. She also provides guidance for those leading their own child’s team, as doing so presents a unique set of challenges.

“Too many people get into coaching and have no clue how to work with young athletes, teach skills and deal with parents. Many also underestimate how big an impact, positive or negative, they can have on the players and their future selves. Coaching kids is more than coaching just the sport,” Zartman says.

Youth sports are more competitive than ever, with the pressure to win existing at just about every level. This handbook proves vital to guiding young athletes and should be behind every coach’s clipboard. “So You Think You Can Coach Kids?” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

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Sharkie Zartman

Sharkie Zartman knows volleyball. A US national champion and All American, former member of the World University Games Team and USA National Team and five-year WPVA beach volleyball professional, Zartman is also a member of the California Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame, El Camino Athletic Hall of Fame, and the Community College Coaches Hall of Fame.

With her BS in kinesiology and MS in instructional technology, Zartman went on to become a professor of health and fitness at El Camino College in Torrance, California, where she also coached their volleyball team to nine conference, three regional and two state titles.

Zartman and her husband, who is also a volleyball professional, went on to coach their daughters, and the kids’ team the Spoilers Junior Volleyball Club was born. Zartman shares what she learned in her new book So You Think You Can Coach Kids? Her other books include Shark Sense, Yoga for Health and Fitness, There’s a Place and Youth Volleyball, the Guide for Coaches and Parents.

“The positive goals and responsibilities of coaching kids are presented with passion and insight.  Like Sharkie says, ‘never underestimate its importance—make sure you are ready.’  —This book gets you there!”

—Dr. Bob Weil, sports podiatrist and host of The Sports Doctor radio show

“Sharkie Zartman is hands down one of the best in her field. She had to work to become an elite athlete and work just as hard to become a successful volleyball coach. In this book, you will see that it’s not the game that’s important but the life lessons learned from the game that will stick around long after the future hall of famer retires.”

—Cornell Thomas www.powerofpositivity.net and www.crossroadsbasketball.com

Sharkie Zartman’s experiences at all levels of sport from the national team to the collegiate and youth levels have provided her with unique qualifications to provide guidance for those coaching children.  As a parent of two daughters who excelled at all levels of sport she is in the unique position of being able to approach coaching from the perspective of an athlete, coach and parent.  So You Think You Can Coach Kids provides wise counsel to those who aspire to work with children so that their experiences on the playing field not only provide them with uplifting and memorable experiences, but also prepare them with the values, attitudes and skills they will need to successfully meet the challenges that lie ahead.

—David Canning Epperson, Ph.D. President, Promise of Good Sports

When it comes to giving athletes a love and knowledge of the sport, few in the world do it as well as the Zartman family.

—John Kessel, USA Volleyball Director of Sport Development

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